Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I've been practising some modelling and texturing in Softimage for the past few weeks. Started off with a model plane/spaceship hybrid, following a tutorial and then modifying it to add some extra detail and the textures.

I wanted to create a work area for the model, basing it off the desk in my room. I added in some other models, such as the toy robot, the lamp and the paint materials and then experimented with the light coming in through the gaps in the blinds.

To push this model further I decided to model my own bedroom, with the desk as above. I made some small modifications, such as changing the look of the box where the TV sits, to add some extra colour to the room.

I modelled up a pair of hands, rigged them using GEAR and then animated them clapping.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Favourite Adequachulance

I was given the task of doing a lipsync from the 11second club archives, I ended up doing 2 of them over the course of 6 to 8 weeks. Started off juggling between the 2 of them, but eventually decided I was better off focusing on one at a time, and getting it as finished as I could before moving on to the next one. Really tried to push the posing on these 2, and both required a complete restart after a couple of weeks on each. Well worth the extra bit of time put into them, and a huge amount learned about proper shot workflow, with thanks to the guys in work for all the helpful tips and feedback.

Adequately Final Splined from Eoin Coakley on Vimeo.

Favourite Final Splined from Eoin Coakley on Vimeo.