Friday, 5 June 2015


So I've started looking into some games studios recently and I decided it would be a good idea to try and get to grips with Unity, the software that most of them use.

I had no experience with game engines so it took a lot of tinkering and problem solving but I managed to string together a simple idle, walk and run cycle.

I started out creating a basic idle cycle with a character from my time on iAnimate. While I was happy with the cycle, whenever I tried to import it into Unity the mesh broke, with the head detatching from the body, and none of my animations were transferred across.

I tried several solutions to get the character into Unity but I reached the conclusion that the characters I had were not built to go into it. I searched online and through all my rigs to see if one would be suitable to transfer across while also allowing me to animate with it in Maya but could not find any. So I took the Max rig, removed the mesh from the rig and re-rigged it myself using abAutoRig, found at

With this rig I was able to animate all my cycles and import them into Unity. On each cycle I had to bake the animation into the bones and then export the bones and mesh as an FBX.
I imported the base rig, mesh and bones, into unity and then imported my 3 cycles. Using the animate tab I created transitions between the idle and walk and the walk and run cycles.

I found this exercise really interesting and rewarding. I always enjoy trying out a new piece of software and I found most of the issues I encountered helped me out with figuring out how unity works at a basic level, at least as far as creating animations that will work inside of it.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Parkour 2.0

My Final project as part of the Ianimate course. The brief was to have a character run from one location to another and to incorporate some acting and camera movement and cuts. I feel a lot of what I have learned over the previous two shots came through in this one and I tried to push the 2D aspect of the finished piece instead of focusing on the 3D world space of the scene so much.

And that's it for Ianimate for now, I got a huge amount from the course, learning a proper workflow which was something I had struggled with before, really pushing my poses and getting them locked down before moving on to breakdowns and knowing at what point I'm ready to start polishing to avoid confusion at a later stage. I may return to complete another semester at some stage but for now I'm gonna take what I've learned and apply it to the work I'm currently involved with.