I've been working on a set of VHI ads in Piranha Bar for the last 6 months, most of which haven't been released yet so can't be put online, however I will upload them as I'm able to.

I animated the 3 kids on the swing in this ad.

I animated all of the characters in this ad.

Team included, Director: Gavin Kelly
Producer: Emily Brady
Lead 3D: Sam Boyd
Animation: Eoin Coakley
Additional 3D: Sam Boyd, Mario Domingos, Cormac Kelly

Complicit was created by myself and Gavin Hoffman, I did all the CG animation in the short as well as being production manager, and it was written, directed and constructed by Gavin.

As it is still doing the festival rounds we cannot put the entire film up online yet.

Phoenix, Medium Rare was created as part of third year of the degree course at Ballyfermot College of Further Education.

I was Lead Animator and Production Manager, as well as being in charge of the sound collaberation.

Here's a list of the rest of my team:
Niall O'Byrne  -  Concept, Design and Director
Petru Goia  -  Animation Director, Storyboards
Gavin Hoffman  -  Visual Effects, Modelling, Rigging and Texturing
Dominic O'Halloran  -  Character Modelling

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